What is Shoter?
Shoter is a cleaning product designed specifically to clean your shoes in a simple, fast and safe way without having to put them in the washing machine or use abrasive cleaners.
How do I use Shoter?
By clicking on the following link you can access a tutorial that explains how to use Shoter.
Can I use Shoter in any type of Shoe?
Yes, Shoter can be used in any type of footwear, whether it be suede, fabric, mesh, leather or eco leather.
Can I use Shoter in Sport Shoes?
Yes, Shoter works on any type of sports shoes.
How many washes does a bottle of Shoter yields?
The 125ml bottle yields 25 washes and the 200ml bottle yields 40 washes.
Can I use Shoter without water?
No, you have to use Shoter with water to achieve the best Cleaning.
If I use Shoter every day, will this damage my shoes?
No, Shoter is the shoe cleaner with the lowest pH level on the market, so it will not create any damage if you use it every day.
Are there different sizes of Shoter?
Yes, we have bottles of 125ml and 200ml.
What is the Waterproof Spray?
The protective waterproofing spray creates an invisible layer on the shoe, which protects it from water and any other types of liquid.
How do I use the Waterproof Spray?
First, make sure the footwear is dry, clean and dust free. Once it´s clean, shake the container and spray the surface to be treated from a distance of 15 centimeters, until the surface is moist. Allow to dry at room temperature without exposing to the sun for approximately 60 minutes. The optimal results are given at 24 hours, so we recommend avoiding exposure to rain or stains before that time.
How many days should I wait to reapply the Waterproof Spray?
For efficient protection, you have to apply the Waterproof Spray every 15 days. If you use the shoes intensively, we recommend applying the product once a week.
Can I buy the brush separately?
No, to acquire the brush you must buy the "Fundamental Kit", which has a 200ml bottle of Shoter and brush.
Do you sell products online? Where can I find Shoter?
We sell our products only at the associated selling points, which you can consult clicking here:
https://www.tiendadash.com.ar/ https://www.grid.com.ar/